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This is me, David McInnis (aka @giantcranberry), Over the last 15 years I have developed "News Marketing" as a content marketing discipline. News Marketing harnesses the credibility of news to improve visibility and reputation for companies, organizations or individuals. Let me put nearly two decades of news marketing experience to work for you. Here are my contact details.

Go ahead and call me. Here is my cell phone number 360-483-8441.

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Do you really understand what your brand says about you? We begin all client work with a brand review and content assessment to build consensus among stakeholders.

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You've heard it before. "Content is King". Well that is only partially true. "Good Content is King". And you need plenty of it to market online. We work with you to build a content roadmap.

Content Marketing

Still relying on SEO/SEM to drive traffic? SEO works, just not as good as other content marketing methods. We uncover more efficient ways to drive engagement.

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Is Your Blender Safe?


Thanks to a new generation of affordable high-speed kitchen blenders, every at-home chef can cheerfully take the wheel of a sleek, finely tuned, high performance, speed demon and simply crush any ice, puree any raw vegetable, grind any coffee, or pulverize any nuts that dare cross the path of its ultrahard stainless steel blades.  Moreover, not only do these popular appliances - exemplified by Blendtec brand blenders - offer ‘sky’s-the-limit’ cuisine possibilities, they promote some very impressive health and lifestyle benefits.

The Perils of Forgoing This Business Un-Insurance


Maintaining a bona fide corporate veil - especially in the face of a legal or tax authority challenge to it - requires immaculate record keeping and compliance with all stipulated filings, a task that way too few business owners are able to execute consistently and flawlessly.

The Best Small Business Decision You Can Make – Right Now


Business owners who’ve been salivating on the sidelines - wanting potent human resources software to help them supercharge their companies’ performance, but being unable to afford the investment - have less than a month to grab a money-saving opportunity now available exclusively via the Indiegogo crowdfunding site. MANAGEtoWIN Inc., a leader in so-called HRIS, is offering its full suite of software and training at prices that are affordable and ensure an impressive ROI.

Inventing Your Own ‘Oz’


Nine miles from nowhere in rural Kansas, our intrepid editor chances upon some savvy entrepreneurs with three very important lessons for business owners everywhere.

U.S. Congressman Doug Lamborn defies stereotypes in his ardent support of Israel


U.S. Congressman Doug Lamborn (CO-05) is a consistent and strong supporter of the special ties that exist between the United States and Israel. In an exclusive interview to be broadcast on Radio Chavura, he elaborates on his belief that supporting Israel is in America’s strategic and economic self-interest.

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